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Working capital to fuel Indigenous-owned clean energy solutions


This financing for Barkley Project Group (Barkley) will support the implementation of community-based clean energy projects.

The opportunities in clean energy for Indigenous communities are rapidly growing, and the need for project management capabilities delivered through genuine relationships and aligned vision is ever-increasing. Enter, Barkley Project Group.

Barkley has specialized in renewable energy and community infrastructure development for First Nations communities since 2003. Barkley has supported the implementation of well over 100 projects, advancing the deployment of hydro, solar, wind, biomass, tidal, and geothermal energy infrastructure. Through these initiatives, they've supported Indigenous communities to make significant environmental strides, reducing over 957 tons of CO2 emissions.

Across each project, Barkley advocates for Indigenous ownership and implements a community-centric approach empowering sustainability and resilience. The most impactful perspective on this journey is shared by the very communities it touches,

“You should have heard the sounds of joy and elation on the VHF [radio] when the announcement was made that we have now switched from our diesel generator to our hydro plant. Gianakaci."

   - Chief Frank Johnson, Wuikinuxv Nation. Nicknaqueet River Hydro. 

Unlike most renewable energy project managers, Barkley partners with exclusively Indigenous clients. In this landscape, project financing is commonly provided by governments, which entails slow and inconsistent payback, creating distinctive cashflow constraints for Barkley. With this infusion of working capital, Barkley will be better equipped to support its clients. These funds will support Barkley’s ongoing growth in operations, including community engagement, technical assessments, project planning and management activities.

The infusion of working capital is an exciting prospect for potential investors like you to be part of this journey towards clean energy adoption, enhancing community resilience and long-term sustainability.

The Impact


  • Develop quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all: Taking a community-centric approach, Barkley supports development of clean energy infrastructure that prioritizes affordability, sustainability and energy ownership. The projects they support generate over 52,000 MWh of clean energy annually, and they have reduced over 957 tons of CO2 emissions.
  •  Economic Growth and Employment: By expanding their project management capabilities and offering services to more clients, Barkley can further generate employment, skill development, and economic growth.
  • Decouple economic growth from environmental degradation: Promotion of sustainable practices with employees and clients through the deployment of environmentally friendly technologies that contribute to the climate transition. Across projects they are reducing over 957 tons of CO2 emissions.


  • Improve resilience and empowerment of communities for their development: by serving over 45 Indigenous communities in BC, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, the investment will expand Barkley’s services within the existing client portfolio and reach more communities, and support their capacity-building efforts, fostering self-sufficiency and sustainable development.
  • Increase clean and renewable energy production and consumption: improving access to reliable and sustainable energy sources, while making critical improvements through repurposing infrastructure. This contributes to community resilience, reducing dependency on diesel, and improving the overall health and well-being of community members by providing cleaner and healthier energy options.
  • Improve awareness and capacity to act on climate change mitigation and adaptation: a recent announcement from the B.C. government identifies the need for additional clean energy procurement of 3000 GWh per year represents a significant economic development opportunity for Indigenous communities, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting a transition to renewable energy sources. Barkley will support Indigenous communities accessing provincial funding to advance their own clean energy initiatives. Social and environmental risk assessments and climate resilience strategies will improve awareness and capacity to act on climate change for these communities. 

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

Over the last three years Barkley has steadily increased its shares in the market, and this funding initiative aims to provide Barkley with the necessary working capital to fuel their rapid growth and meet the increasing demands of their clients. As Barkley engages in longer sales cycles, they have experienced increased accounts receivables while also incurring higher wage expenses, recruiting and securing talented individuals to meet increasing demand. This working capital financing will provide the financial support needed to address these needs.

Barkley demonstrates a strong equity ratio that surpasses industry benchmarks, indicating resilience against external shocks. Moreover, the company maintains a level of liquidity that exceeds industry standards, ensuring short-term solvency and financial stability. With a solid level of profitability, accounting for long-term investments, financial costs, and taxes, Barkley remains well-positioned to generate sustainable returns.

The company has most of its debt obligations maturing beyond 12 months, which contributes positively to its short-term solvency and profitability. This strategic debt structure enhances the company's overall financial health and supports its ongoing operations and growth trajectory.

The Borrower

About Barkley Project Group

Barkley Project Group (Barkley) is a dynamic project management firm in Western Canada, setting themselves apart through their commitment to supporting Indigenous communities’ sustainability visions. With a unique end-to-end approach, they lead comprehensive renewable energy and community infrastructure projects, building strong working relationships with First Nations. Their deep expertise across the clean energy value chain, long-term collaboration, and emphasis on community ownership and capacity building make them a trusted partner in driving sustainable community development and fostering resilience. 

The team

Yuho Okada



Ben Whyte



Kass Harbottle


Project Manager

Mary Vasey


Project Manager

Stephen Rayner


Infrastructure Lead

Business Model

Barkley operates with a business model focused on providing project management services for renewable energy and community infrastructure projects, primarily serving Indigenous communities. They generate revenue by offering their technical expertise and support throughout the entire project lifecycle. Their main customers include First Nations communities, Indigenous organizations, involved in sustainable development initiatives. Through trust, mutual understanding, and respect, Barkley has fostered enduring partnerships with their target customers. These relationships are the foundation of their business model, enabling them to understand the unique needs, aspirations, and challenges of each community they serve. 

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